Our litigation funding allows parties that are owed money or in dispute, access to highly skilled lawyers and barristers, without the requirement to pay ongoing lawyers’ fees. We engage lawyers on your behalf and pay their fees. Our team includes specialists, listed by Legal 500 and Chambers as leaders in litigation, who have an in depth knowledge of litigation and arbitration in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.

You only pay fees to us on successfully winning or settling a dispute.

We eliminate the risk of costly litigation or arbitration proceedings. We can provide bespoke funding arrangements to clients.

Clients also benefit from our extensive insight into dispute resolution.

We only fund disputes that have a greater than 60% chance of success. Our interests are therefore aligned with our clients to:

  • Honestly, communicate to clients their prospects of winning a case;
  • Assess the opponent’s financial strength and ability to pay on losing a case;
  • Honestly communicate to potential clients, challenges that may arise in the enforcement of a judgment by way of seizure of assets.

In short, we do not recover the fees we have spent on your case unless you ultimately win.

We fund matters on a nonrecourse basis – if you lose your case, you owe us nothing We investigate your opponent’s financial strengths
We pay your lawyers fees We do not control the case’s legal or settlement decisions
We only fund cases we believe can succeed. You benefit from our additional analysis of the merits of the case and chances of settling the matter or enforcing a judgment Improved certainty on costs. Ability to make provision on your balance sheet for legal costs, and if you lose a case you are not required to pay your own legal fees (other than expenses)
Our funding supports you against opponents seeking to outspend you

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